Face to Face and on line Courses and Training 2022

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Face to Face Courses and on line training has been severely affected as a result of Coronavirus, but our successful adaptations have enabled us to adapt our face to face Courses and Training sessions on line.

AS a result of our successful on line courses  though we will be reverting back to mainly Face to Face class sessions. (Subject to venue restrictions and social distancing). We will continue to offer you on line options of our popular courses.

 For details and contents  of the training courses 

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Face To Face Thomas Pocklington Lighting Journey courses  2022

The Lighting Courses are not available on line but they will be running in limited numbers of 10 per course

This is the last year we will be running this programme and it will close on 25th January  So don’t miss out Book Now!

25th January Manchester  Kings Hall Conference Centre

£100 per person Includes lunch, Course books and CPD Certificates

(Please note Venues may close at short notice due to Covid 19 Outbreaks refunds or alternative dates will be offered)

Supporting people with Dementia & Sight Loss Courses On line

This course will help you to identify different types of Dementia, you will understand common sight issues found in People with Dementia.

Ideas for changing the Environment and better Communication and Support

9th February 2022

To Book Contact Mark@markgrayassociates.co.uk

All courses and training for this programme  are on Zoom must be booked in advance £50 +VAT includes E Cert and PDF of slides used

Advanced Practice in Autism Course on Line

15th March 2022

This is a new course looking at the how the brain sensory systems process and develop memory and learning.

In establishing the process of learning and memory the course will then focus on the implications of diverse types of Neurology such as that seen in people with Autistic Spectrum disorders and consider strategies for support.

£50 per person including course notes and CPD certificate This course will run on Zoom platforms

Supporting people with Sight Loss & Learning Disability (On Line)

This will help you to make the lives of People with Learning disabilities so much better by improving communication, the environment and additional Health checks and benefits.

2nd March 2022

If you would like more details of these courses, or a course run near you  click on the links above  and Email us at Mark@markgrayassociates.co.uk  for a booking form.

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