Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services

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Mark Gray Associates offer a wide range of consultancy services. Whether you’re a service provider for people with disabilities or a mainstream business employing or providing goods and services to the community, and require help with Equality compliance. We can help you.

Examples of our recent and Current Consultancy projects

Consultancy for Care and Support Agencies

Mark Gray Associates can provide support in the following areas:

  1. Case Management and Personalised Support Click here for More on Case Management

  2.  Individual Client Assessments

Click here for more on Client Assessment

3.  Nursing and Social Care Supervision Services

Click here for More on Nursing and Social Care Supervision Services.

  4. Access Audits Equality Act 2010 Compliance (applies to all business in the UK)

Click here for more on access consultancy

     5. Access Design and Consultancy

We can offer Access Consultancy and Design and Multi-Sensory Room Design

In 2007 Mark Gray Associates worked on the design of the New Orchard Hill College campus in Carshalton Surrey with the college architects to ensure the building met the needs of its Disabled Students

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