Case Management and Personalised Support

At Mark Gray Associates we are proud to have 15 years experience of case management and personalised support  plans for people with Learning Disabilities, Autism, & Acquired Brain Injuries.

We specialise in three key areas of Case Management.

Transforming Care


Acquired Brain Injury Case Management.

Transforming Care

Since the government announced the ending of long term use  of Assessment & Treatment facilities for people with autism and learning disabilities, following the Panorama programme on Winterbourne View  in 2012.

Mark Gray then Interim CEO of ARCUK was one of the professionals along with David Abbey of My Safe Home  who gave evidence to the enquiry as part of its outcome planning which has resulted in the HOLD Process.

Mark has personally been involved in the rehoming of 12 individuals with autism and learning disabilities from around the UK into their own homes with their own support staff.

Setting up and liaising with clinical teams, housing associations and housing professionals, care providers and families to make successful  transitions. It is fair to say the complexities of the process and peoples individual needs, which are often very complex. Results ,in a process that can be anything, from 18 months to up to three years.

However, the end result is often so rewarding, it is well justified when it goes right. At Mark Gray Associates we pride ourselves on listening to the needs and wishes of the clients we support and make them central to the planning process. Examples include being able to buy Lotto tickets easily or having somewhere in walking distance from which to go fishing.

If you have a relative in long term Assessment & Treatment and you would like support to help them into a new way of support or you are a commissioner in Health or Social care and you are looking for an independent care co-coordinator and specialist Lead Nurse please contact Mark direct from our contacts page.


HOLD is a relatively new process and is designed to enable people with Learning disabilities or Autism to have their own home in conjunction with a housing provider, a specialist mortgage provider, and a bespoke care support team. It is known also as the third party model.

At Mark Gray Associates we are currently involved in a project with a young man with severe autism in the process of leaving his parents home to have his own Bungalow close to his recently established day service.

Our client  Chris is already a social media star and is committed to talking to nurses and the public about his life and his difficulties using a special communication method known as Rapid Prompting Method  or RPM.

Mark Gray Associates are working alongside his family, his clinical teams, his advocacy and RPM Support , commissioners, housing and mortgage specialists and his care providers to enable Chris to achieve his dream to be independent in his own home.

This will run along  side longer term case management and personalised support with a care provider.

To find out more about Chris go to

To discuss HOLD or commission Mark to work with your family or client go to our contacts page

Acquired Brain Injury Case Management

Mark  Gray Associates currently has five people we support who are in long term rehabilitation following severe brain injuries. Some through traumatic life changing injuries and others through a debilitating stroke.  As with all of our case management and personalised support  our service provision is bespoke to the individuals needs. Whether it involves working with Insurance companies to put together a team of rehabilitation specialists set up personal care teams,  working  with legal teams and  mortgage specialists, housing providers, clinical teams we have the experience and know how to get you the right support and training for your support team along with ongoing life planning support, goal planning, team supervisions and monitoring. We are very proud that one of our longest clients Grace graduated from Chester University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree.

An Artist in front of her Work
Grace at her recent Art Exhibition (pictures By Graeme Currie)
Graduation Day







If you are an insurance company, Legal team or Family Member and you would like to discuss developing case management and personalised support for your client please contact us on the link