Brain Injury & Sight Loss Training

Brain Injury and Sight Loss Training

Brain Injury and Sight loss training is a one day course. It is designed for rehabilitation officers, and brain injury practitioners. it also described as ” supporting individuals with sight loss, and acquired brain injuries”.

Visual Impairment and Brain Injury training. Covers sight loss associated with stroke, dementia, and or ABI.

The course will explore, conditions such as Cortical Visual Impairment,  how people can be supported to live with their sight conditions, and communication solutions.

The training will involve brain physiology, and how it is affected by injury. and variations of change that are found to be present. It will explore how memory and learning is developed, lost, and in some cases retained.

The training course lasts 1 day and costs £100 per person on advertised courses, or it can be run in house for up to 20 people for £800 per day +VAT ( Inclusive of  expenses & travel). From 2020 it is available on Zoom Training please contact for details

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