Autism & Visual Processing

Autism Spectrum Disorder  (ASD) or Neuro Diversity is becoming better understood. However, many people who live with the condition struggle with sensory  processing.  In particular Visual processing. This can  make everyday life difficult. There are many reasons, such as  poor environmental design, irregular support and overstimulating environments.

We know because research tell us that a large part of ASD characteristics  are related to sensory processing disorders. This is making people hypersensitive to some sensory inputs and hypo sensitive to others.

This course will look at hypersensitive visual and hyposensitive visual processing disorders, because vision is often area where many people struggle to use it in the same way as we  would expect.  Therefore, it is important to know how to support and develop best practice around communication, positive behaviour support and environmental change.

Our programme  is a days duration and is a useful supplement to the Oliver McGowan Training.  We are confident this course will make you better practitioners. We will be doing both on line, and face to face courses starting this year 2024.

The course is open to Nurses, Care Workers, Parents, Social workers, occupational therapists and costs £100 a day +VAT for face to face courses and £75.00 +VAT on line  all courses include a certificate of CPD, PDF handouts. The course can also be run in house for up to 20 participants contact for more details or call us on our contact numbers

The Programme covers

An introduction to ASD

Common Visual processing disorders in ASD

Adapting Communication

Adapting the Environment

The duration is approximately 7 hours duration depending on numbers.