Deafblind Awareness Training (Acquired)

Deafblind awareness  training (Acquired)

This one day course is part of two courses on deafblind awareness

This course focuses on Acquired Deafblindness where the user acquires the loss of hearing and sight as part of ageing or as a blind person losing their hearing or a deaf person losing their sight.

We also Run Courses on Congenital Defblindness for information on these courses Click Here

It is designed to meet the 2014 Guidance for local authorities to be compliant with section 7 of the Care Act 2012.

The course will cover types of hearing loss and sight loss

It will explore the difficulties of having a dual sensory loss

the remainder of the course will focus on different methods of deafblind communication including

Deafblind Alphabet


Visual Sign Adapted

Tactile Sign Adapted

Lip reading & Clear speech

If you are looking for more on congenital Deafblindness please go to the congenital deafblind awareness page for more details and click here

To book the course is for up to twenty people & needs to be an even number for communication purposes.

it costs £400 Per day +VAT and Travel

this includes CPD & handouts