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The UK’s  Number 1 Sensory Loss Training and  Consultancy Service.

Mark Gray Associates was set up in 2007, to provide first class quality  Health and Social Care, Consultancy and Training on  Sensory Loss and related conditions. 

Following the disbanding of the RNIB Multiple disability training service in 2005 it was recognised there was a gap in the market for the training of sensory loss in the context of people with additional and Multiple disabilities and those who have complex needs. Drawing on over 40 years experience in the fields of Learning disability, Visual Impairment Hearing loss and Deafblindness, Dementia Brain Injuries and Strokes we at Mark Gray Associates believe we have the widest variety of quality training for the health and Social Care Market place.

We are constantly striving, to ensure you get the best information, and content from our  Health and Social Care, Courses focused on  Sight loss, Deafblindness, and Learning Disability and Multiple Disabilities

Our Vision

Our vision, at Mark Gray Associates  is to provide first class training, and consultancy services. Enabling people with sensory impairments, to receive the best possible health and social care support services, from informed, and knowledgeable carers, from all sections of society.



Our Mission Statement

Our Mission at Mark Gray Associates  is to achieve this :-

  1. Without prejudice, to any individuals, age, race, culture, religious belief, gender, intellectual ability, or sexual orientation.
  2. By listening to the needs of our customers, and providing quality training, assessment, and consultancy services, at competitive market prices.
  3. Using our specialist expertise and exclusive access to many of the world’s leading experts, in the field of Learning Disability, Sensory Impairment, and Deafblindness.
  4. Working flexibly with our customers, to find mutually beneficial solutions, that enable the end user.
  5. Providing ourselves, and contributing to, on-going training, clinical practice, and research into our specialist area of work.
  6. Encouraging providers to ensure that staff have opportunities for supervisions, reflective practice time, and continuing professional development sessions. 
  7. Maximising the potential of people, through assessments, coaching, and person centred practices, with families, staff and the wider multi-disciplinary team in a true spirit of co creation and learning.
  8. Developing evidence based practice. and contributing to national and international research. Developing the knowledge of others and sharing best practice.


As a company, Mark Gray Associates are committed to “Raising the Bar” for all citizens with a Profound and Multiple Learning Disability and are actively supporting, and raising awareness of “The essential & core standards “below


A Picture of the front cover of the essential and core standards booklet "supporting people with profound and multiple learning disabilities.
Core and Essential standards picture