Training Courses Design & Development

Training Courses Design and Development

Mark Gray Associates has extensive experience in training design and delivery.
In the past ten  years we have developed four nationally accredited Training Programmes.  Lighting for the Thomas Pocklington Trust,  a Further Education Support Worker Certificate for Orchard Hill College of further Education. A redesign and update of a new range of E-learning training materials and course books for Home Care Direct LTD. Birmingham City University Diploma and foundation Degree in Rehabilitation Studies (visual Impairment). In 2023 Mark was appointed Subject Matter Lead for learning Disability Nursing with ACER UK working with the Nursing & Midwifery Council in Maintaining and developing pathways for overseas Nurses to join the Register

Specialist Inset days, and Health and Social Care Training design for over thirty different local authorities in UK.

Mark has forty years training and development experience In Learning disability and sensory Loss and has been has been at the forefront of training design and delivery for most of that time.

Mark has worked with Skills for Care (formally TOPSS & CCETSW) and the Department of Health in the development of Health and Social Care NVQs and latterly the QCF and Learning Disability Award Framework, for BILD, ARC UK, and Visual Impairment Training with RNIB and Deafblind UK and more recently the British Council, and Thomas Pocklington Trust.

Mark has been involved in the delivery and design of the following programmes:

  • RNIB Certificate and Diploma in Multiple Disabilities (CITY & Guilds and OCN) (1990-2003)
  • Health and Social Care NVQ Level 2 and 3 Sensory Impairment (design) (1995-2009)
  • Learning Disability Award Framework (Module and Standards Development)
  • The Diploma in Deafblind Studies (University of Birmingham) (2001 to 2023)
  • The Lighting Journey for Thomas Pocklington Trust (University of Coventry) (2007 to 2022)
  • The Foundation Degree and Diploma in Rehabilitation Studies (VI)  Birmingham City University (2012- to 2023)
  • ACER UK Subject Matter Expert Lead For Nursing & Midwifery Council Overseas Admissions Entry Programmes. 2023

Training Needs Analysis

As a former CEO and Chair of two national charities, Mark also understands the strategic importance of workforce planning and development.

Mark Gray Associates can help you with training audits, Training planning and bespoke training design and procurement.

Training Delivery

Mark Gray is an experienced trainer in Learning Disability, Visual Impairment,

Mark Gray Portrait
Mark Gray picture 2022

Deafblindness and Equality and Human Rights. He has lectured at several Universities including Queens Belfast, Trinity College Dublin, Birmingham City University, Birmingham University, Angela Ruskin University, University of Wolverhampton, Teesside and Nottingham to name a few. Mark is now a visiting tutor to Birmingham City University Rehabilitation studies degree and diploma courses since 2014.

All of our courses are available in a range of formats* (Braille requires 14 days notice) Mark is experienced in delivering to a wide range of audiences from students to Practitioners, families and disabled people who require diverse means of delivery and content.

Book your training with Mark Gray Associates and you are guaranteed top quality training, clear and accessible handouts, excellent training materials, evaluations, training registers and certificates as required.

Learning Disability Training CoursesLearning Disability Courses

With forty years experience behind us at International, National, regional and local level Mark Gray Associates are one of the top UK training providers in Learning Disability.

Image: Visual Impairment TrainingVisual Impairment Training courses

In the visual impairment field Mark is known for his work in Multiple Disability, Deafblind services and now the innovative and Mainstream Lighting Journey courses with the Thomas Pocklington Trust.

An Image of old Lady in a jigsaw with a piece missing to Indicate Dementia
Dementia Missing Pieces

Dementia Training Courses

The increase of Dementia amongst the older population  has a triggered a huge demand for our Innovative Dementia & sight Loss courses. available on Line or in person as group booking, or  individual bookings.

  Disability Awareness Training Courses

 As part Of the Equality Act 2010 it is recommended that most public services have regular Disability Awareness training Mark Gray Associates can provide an all in One package covering:-

Learning Disability, Visual Impairment, Deaf awareness, Deafblind, Physical Disability, Mental Health In a one day awareness package Consultancy Services