Learning Disability Courses

Mark Gray Associates are a leading provider in Learning Disability and Autism Courses.

We have a number of programmes related to People with Learning Disabilities  just click on the underline subject for more information.

These courses include

Visual Impairment,


Rights & relationships,


profound & multiple Learning difficulties 

Advanced Autism Workshops

In addition we can provide Masterclasses to Universities

Any University running the Degree in Learning Disability Nursing Studies, can apply for the course day.

It  is  free of Charge*  for the lecture time (for just expenses) through our Legacy Programme.

The course has been used already by Wolverhampton, Bangor, UCE, ARU, Chester & Hull.

*expenses are Mileage and possible overnight accommodation.

We can also provide bespoke training for up to 20 people Face to face or on line using our Zoom Channel.


For details and costs contact mark@markgrayassociates.co.uk