Multiple Disability Masterclass (MDVI)

The Multiple Disability Masterclass (MDVI)

The Multiple Disability Master class was developed for the Degree In Learning Disability Nursing.  It explores the importance of sensory loss and its impact on the motivation and development of communication in people with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities (PMLD). Also classified as having Multiple Disabilities.

The course looks at Cortical Visual impairment a common condition of vision loss found in this group along with hearing loss.

We will explore the impact this has  on developing formal communication by looking at Zoning, Intensive interaction and communication theory. Through the presentation of two real life case studies . You will explore a range of communication techniques that can be adapted and used to develop simple and effective communication with your multiply disabled clients.

The course looks at the use of IT technologies and how they can be utilised further to formalise and clarify defined but limited human responses.

The course is available Free to Universities teaching the Degree In learning Disability Nursing on an expenses only option.

It is offered as part of our portfolio of annual Zoom & Face to face courses see the current course programme for 2023

Finally you can train up to twenty people in house on the day for £800 +VAT

contact:  Mark

For details and booking our Multiple Disability Masterclass Course.

This forms part of our Commitment to The Core and Essential PMLD standards

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