Disability in the Equality Act (Updated for BREXIT)

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This one-day workshop is effectively an Audit tool for your business. Gender, Age, Sexuality, Disability was pulled into one act in 2010 called the Equality ACT, it was also strengthened in parts by new additions to Disability Discrimination Law, and Human Rights Law.

This one-day workshop is designed to ensure that you make cost effective reasonable adjustment without harming your service delivery.

The day will cover what’s new in the Equality Act that you need to know including:

  • How the Human rights legislation is enforced: Myths and Facts
  • What are the key issues for people with disabilities? This covers blind and visually impaired people, deafblind, physically disabled people, people with mental health problems and people with a learning disability.
  • Getting it right; what is reasonable adjustment?
  • Access issues (staff and customers)
  • Communication issues (staff and customers)
  • Employing disabled people
  • Where you can get help?
  • (updated) What are the Implications of Brexit to Equality & rights?

It is available in-house for 20 people and includes handouts and resource information to take home.


  • In-house course ¬£800 + VAT

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