Supporting People with a Visual Impairment and a Learning Disability

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Approximately one third of the population of people with a learning disability could be registered blind or partially sighted (500,000) a further third (500,000) require glasses or contact lenses to correct their vision. Source (lookup (See ability) 2009) (Emerson. E, Hatton.C), Population of people with LD in England For Valuing People Now (2007)

However many do not get access to the right eye health support and many go blind through treatable eye conditions that are not detected because of communication difficulties.

This one-day course outlines the common visual disabilities found in the learning disabled population, the behaviours that indicate sight loss, treatments and the development of person centred care pathways and additional support that is available.

The day will also look at sight testing from both function and acuity testing perspectives and how to support the individual and their carers through eye surgery, and wearing glasses for the first time. It is available in-house for 20 people or as an external workshop.


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