Face to Face and on line Courses and Training 2022

Face to Face and on line Training  Courses  (Spring /Summer/Autumn 2022)


Welcome to our  overview page of our face to face and online courses for  2022. Just click on the course titles for more details of each face to face and on line course of interest to you.

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On Line Training






Back by popular demand this is one of our most popular on training courses.

Supporting people with Dementia & Sight Loss Courses On line

This course will help you to identify different types of Dementia, you will understand common sight issues found in People with Dementia.

Ideas for changing the Environment and better Communication and Support

11th May 2022

6th May 2022

To Book Contact Mark@markgrayassociates.co.uk

All courses and training for this programme  are on Zoom must be booked in advance £50 +VAT includes E Cert and PDF of slides used.

This Medication course is one of our Brand New  on line training courses for 2022 and our first foray in to Bitesize training courses.

Medication Workshops for Rehabilitation Workers

These are new 2 Hour on line workshops following out of our recent work with RWPN which  are designed to look at the impact of medication on Functional Assessment and supporting older people with Visual impairments who are on medication.

Mobility & Orientation Risk Assessment and General Function to help reduce accidents during Rehabilitation support improve timing for support and get the best from your clients.

For details go to the Workshop Page here

To book its £25 +VAT booking forms mark@markgrayassociates.co.uk

includes Certs Slides & CPD


12th May 2022

9th June 2022

7th July 2022

The second most popular of our on line training courses is for people working in the field of residential, domiciliary or day care services for people with a Learning Disability

Supporting people with Sight Loss & Learning Disability (On Line)

This will help you to make the lives of People with Learning disabilities so much better by improving communication, the environment and additional Health checks and benefits. 1 million people in England have a learning disability approximately 250,000 of them need regular eye care support, and a further 250,000 need to  be certified as Visually Impaired. Often these conditions go unnoticed this course will explain how to identify and support people with a learning disability who have Sight Problems.  by understanding behaviours indicating Sight Loss, how to get peoples sight tested, what supports needs to be in place to get the best support and treatment, adapting the environment and personal practice.

The dates for these on line courses are

2nd March 2022

8th June 2022

If you would like more details of these courses, or a course run near you  click on the links above  and Email us at Mark@markgrayassociates.co.uk  for a booking form.

Spring /Summer Face to Face courses

Now the Covid 19 Rules are relaxing we are now undertaking a wider range of Face to face courses in spacious and welcoming training venues around the UK our first Multiple disability training workshops in three years. These workshops look at common sensory issues that impact on learning and development. Particularly focusing on communication and advocacy development. Using two real life case studies to demonstrate how to combine known established Communication techniques and adapting them for people with Profound and Multiple Learning disabilities.

Multiple Disability Master Class  Shrewsbury 23rd May 2022

Attachment Workshops New for 2022  

Following requests from SEN professionals in the North East we discovered that there was a need for more training around Attachment theories and the practical skills required for managing difficult behaviours relating from negative attachments.

26th May Nottingham venue to be confirmed

23rd June Bristol venue to be confirmed

These  will cover

Overview of attachment theory

Then overviews of types what they are what the implications are for support

  1. Secure attachment
  2. Insecure Avoidant
  3. Insecure ambivalent
  4. Disorganised controlling

Strategies for support in 2;3, 4, type behaviour

We also discuss  recognising similar behaviour traits  in Autism ADHD and what may be different

 All courses are £100 +VAT inc lunch handouts and CPD certs

Supporting People with Mental Health & Sight Loss

12th October Middle Street Resource Centre Beeston Notts £100 +VAT

26th October Swindon  Great Western Hotel £100+VAT

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