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Supervision Services

Supervision  is a recommended workplace activity in The Department of Health Good Practice in Learning Disability Nursing 2007 Publication.

It recommends that all Nurses with RNLD should have regular time for supervisory activities such as reflective practice  self development and training. If you’re a nurse or a social care practitioner, In sensory Impairment or learning disability services and you are based in either the private or voluntary sector this might be difficult to get.

Our  supervision sessions are structured so that you have a chance to identify your work goals, discuss your mental health and wellbeing. Consider reflective practice on work issues, and develop or identify new positive strategies and problem solving. We will support you to find research training and mentoring and discover opportunities to make you a more rounded and professional practitioner.

Our supervision sessions

Each  supervision session is timed to be an hours duration and can be undertaken in person face to face at an agreed location* or sessions  will be Via zoom or Microsoft teams you will receive a copy of your supervision and details will remain confidential to you and the the supervisor. Unless a disclosure is made that may result in criminal proceedings or a safeguarding situation, in which you case you will be informed that the content will be shared with an authorised third party.

The frequency of sessions is decided by you we recommend a minimum of quarterly sessions or every three months, but you may have them more frequently such as monthly or fortnightly.

At Mark Gray Associates we can offer you regular external supervision paid via your workplace or by you direct with regular advice on CPD clinical support and access to helpful networks to improve and enhance your professional skills.

Mark Gray Associates can organise your Supervision sessions at very competitive rates.

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