Supporting People who have Dementia and Sight Loss

Course information: Supporting People who have Dementia & Sight Loss

A one-day workshop for Rehabilitation Officers and support staff supporting people who have Dementia and may be experiencing Sight difficulties this course is designed to give an overview of Dementia and common sight conditions experienced by older people.

The training course will then look at behaviours associated with sight loss where people are non-verbal or have difficulty explaining what is happening to them as their sight deteriorates.

This includes types of Dementia

Common Eye conditions of Ageing

Common Eye conditions linked to types of Dementia

Behaviours indicating sight loss

Strategies for support

The course will then touch on potential sight testing methods and look at adaptations to daily practice and the care environment to improve support.

This one-day course is delivered through a series of PowerPoint presentations and some group work. It is available in-house for 20 people or as an external workshop or on Zoom.

On line  or face to face courses are advertised on the News and Events section.

However, it is possible to organise your own in house course for up to twenty people in a venue of your choice.

The course is around 7 hours in Duration with Breaks for refreshments or video breaks if on line.

Who should attend?

  • Dementia Support workers
  • Home Managers
  • ROVIs
  • Learning Disability Support Workers working with people who have Down’s Syndrome  or older people with learning disabilities
  • Occupational Therapists and other related professionals


  • In-house course £600 + VAT
  • Zoom Courses £50 +VAT

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Supporting Older People with a Visual Impairment

Course information:Image: Visual Impairment and Older People

A one-day course designed for care staff to assist their knowledge and understanding of sight loss in Older People.

The course looks at common eye problems, implications for support and covers identification, testing, supporting people before and after surgery for eye care and those who are certified as blind or as visually impaired.

The course is a mixture of presentations and practical exercises that will prepare the staff team for the vast majority of common sight loss scenarios. This course also covers the basics of guiding and support Issues.

The course can be carried out at your place of work or, if this isn’t practical, from a location nearby for a small additional fee.

The programme can be modified to suit your care needs, for example you may prefer more guiding skills, or environmental adjustment relating to access and DDA please contact us to assist you with your specific needs.


  • In-house course £600 + VAT
  • Contact us if you need a location nearby.

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