Lighting For Older People (Falls Prevention Workshop)

Lighting for Well Being (Falls Prevention)

Our New Lighting for Well Being Older People (Falls Prevention Workshop) replaces the previous Thomas Pocklington Lighting course, and is designed for a wider audience such as Rehabilitation assistants, information officers, Occupational therapists and Care & Repair Personnel.

If you are interested in better illumination in people’s homes, to prevent falls, from poor vision. This is the course you need, because it will address the changing needs of older people with age related visual impairments.

Now that tungsten bulbs have been completely phased out.

The lighting  course will look at the LED and the  latest fluorescent lighting options available. So,

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you can consider alternatives.

You will be able to position lamps correctly, to reduce glare, and consider the types of lights, for different sight symptoms to reduce falls.

In the workshop you will learn about the different types of Smart Lighting options, controls, and dimmer effects.

What will the Lighting for wellbeing (Falls Prevention ) course course cover?

The Course will look at the position of lighting. To reduce difficult symptoms of visual impairment older people. Prevention of falls from poor Illumination, Reducing problematic  issues such as  glare, sparkle and shadowing.

  • The course will enable you, to consider where light can aid someone’s indoor mobility and orientation and improve illumination.
  • The course will look at how to help you to find the ultimate LUX level to complete a lighting assessment.
  • Design a lighting specification for an electrical contractor, and to review your outcomes.
  • You will have a greater understanding of the physics of light.
  • The importance of utilising daylight as part of your ongoing solution.
  • You will be given a ready reckoner to help calculate your lux levels, for the rooms you are assessing.
  • Simple form designs, to help improve and make your paper trail efficient and smart
  • Together we will look at retrofit options, as opposed to DFG (DISABLED FACILITIES GRANT)
  • Consider the safest solutions, for a wide range of properties so it will cover social housing, care homes, and the private owner.

Who can attend the Lighting for Wellbeing (Falls Prevention ) course ?

The course is designed for Rehabilitation Officers for the Visually Impaired, Occupational Therapists, Care & Repair workers, ECLO’s, and Information officers.

Social care Practitioners and anyone interested in the welfare of Older People or Falls Prevention.


Cost £100 +VAT on courses advertised

£1000 in house for 20 People

 Dates for 2024

29th May 2024 Glasgow

5th June 2024 Cardiff

25th September 2024 Nottingham

16th October London Area

For booking contact: and request a booking form