Human Rights for People with Learning Disability

.Human Rights for People with learning disability

This is a one day, on line and face to face course.  Originally designed with BILD and BIHR. 

People with  a learning disability, are more likely than most to  be abused, exploited, or mistreated by individuals and institutions.

Especially those who are providing them with support. Intentionally, or by poorly designed services

This course is designed to help all Health and Social care workers meet their code of conduct and their obligations under the Health & Social Care act 2014.  

It will enable you to  uphold the Human Rights of the individuals you support. So in order to do so, you must actually learn about the Human Rights Act and what it covers.

The Content

We have designed the course to help you, learn your  Human rights so that you can use them effectively in your practice. This will enable you to support those who are vulnerable, and in your care.

This Course will look at the difference between “Absolute” and “Non Absolute Rights”.  As well as the additional Rights for Learning Disabled Persons.

 So you will have a clearer idea  of what is  linked to EU legislation, and the implications of Brexit.

Using a combination of teaching and case studies. This course is a Key part of your mandatory training in social care.

The difference with this course is that it will bring it to life. As opposed to giving participants a list of law to learn in a textbook. This will lead to  making far more effective practitioners and defenders of all of our rights.

Prices £50 +VAT PP on Line

£100+VAT  Per person at selected courses  and Course Availability

£600 +VAT plus Travel  per day for 20 Persons in house *

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