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Here you can find out the News and Events at Mark Gray Associates over the coming year and what Courses and Events we will be attending, hosting or participating in. As well as our responses to world wide events such as the Coronavirus pandemic and the easing out of restrictions.

Face To Face Courses Are Back!

We are pleased to announce that we are now running courses face to face again .Our Lighting courses have started running since September 1st and we are making a few adjustments. Hand sanitiser is in place near the register, for your course, masks are available for walking in corridors outside of our training area.  Well ventilated spacious rooms have been booked to keep you safe and gloves will be supplied for handling any display items such as lamps.

                                    Thomas Pocklington Trust

Thomas Pocklington Trust and Mark Gray Associates Ltd have announced the end of the Lighting Journey Programme after 12 years into what was initially a five year programme.  We have extended the courses to November 2021 but these will be the last we will run on a joint partnership basis. For details of of our Nottingham London Glasgow and Swindon Courses in 2021 click here

Home Care Direct

After a long partnership with Mark Gray Associates LTD. We have decided to end our contract with Home Care Direct   for providing the Lead Nurse in Transforming Care Role.

Mark  Gray will however, still continue to do some work  for HCD on a one off  freelance basis.

We would like to thank the staff & clients for their time and patience with Mark Gray as their lead nurse and wish them all the best for the future.

Corona Virus Update 2021

On line Training

As with many training and consultancy providers, we were severely affected by the Coronavirus epidemic.

Since September 2020 we have invested in new Zoom Training technologies and have developed a new “inspiration Studio” So the great news is we can now deliver all our previous portfolio of courses with a wider range of prices and options than ever  before.

We are however, no longer deliver training  and special events on Microsoft Teams  as we have found it unreliable and many participants experienced problems with joining.

We know some institutions are worried about Zoom but we use the Professional Version which as safe as any technology can be at this moment in time, we ask all our potential delegates to access Zoom by signing up for the free Account to link you into our programmes.

Thomas Pocklington Lighting Courses

 The lighting courses * by their nature still require to be delivered Face to Face and we will be delivering them again with an updated Ready Reckoner and LED Lighting technologies update in Autumn of  2021.

Thank you for your patience at this time and stay safe out there.

New Courses for 2021

For the latest news on our 2021 Courses go to our updated course page for details. You can then book in to our new Inspiration themed Training Zoom Rooms.

International Working Update

Mark  Gray  Chairs his first Facebook Conference For British Council In Azerbaijan December 2020

Part of Mark’s ongoing work in Azerbaijan of Employment of People with Disabilities working with the British Council, Her Majesties Consulate, BP, and The Azerbaijan Ministry of Labour & Social Protection. This on line conference is still available to view and watch  just click on the link below.

(1) Facebook

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