Master Class in Profound and Multiple Disabilities

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The Second Legacy Masterclass.

“Developing communication & motivation in people with profound disabilities”.

This  masterclass will cover:-

  • The impact of sensory loss in the PMLD population.
  • The implications for learning, and communication development.
  • Zoning Theory.
  • Adapting intensive interaction, and early communication development.
  • Communication Theory,  and conditioning formal communication.
  • Linking the individual to the wider world, and  bringing you, into theirs.
  • Using IT as a bridge to human communications.
  • Developing total communication approaches.
  • Developing Identity, and self Advocacy for  people with PMLD

The day will be from 09:00 to 16:00 hours

Part of our commitment to “Raising the bar” for people with profound and multiple Learning Disabilities

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