Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services

Mark Gray Associates offers various services to help your business through Equality Act compliance.

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Whether you’re a service provider for people with disabilities or a mainstream business employing or providing goods and services to the community as a whole we can help you.

Examples of recent projects

  • An audit of CTR  process effectiveness in Greater Manchester For NHS England
  • Review of Rehabilitation Services for Bridgend Council
  • Review of Learning Disability Services Training Needs Shropshire Joint training services
  • Transforming Care Service design Humberside NHS Commissioning
  • Access Consultancy The Longhurst Housing Group
  • Developing Health & Social care Services in Azerbaijan

Mark Gray is a former CEO and Chair of two National Charities and has been managing director of his own company since 1997. He is also a former Executive Member (Director) of the National Association of Round Table Clubs Great Britain and Ireland and understands business and the need to conform without expensive mistakes at the cost of trading and profit margins.

Consultancy for Care and Support Agencies

Mark Gray Associates can provide support in the following areas:

Client Assessments

We can offer Visual Function (Learning Disability), Communication, Behaviour and Daily Living Assessments.

These are usually assessments of between two to three hours duration depending on the service user and their support needs to assist you with the design and development of personal care plans, support needs and resolution of care disputes.

Mark Gray Associates uses Independent Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Therapists and other professionals to assist as necessary.

Clinical and Social Care Supervision Services

Image: SupervisionAll Nurses and Health Professionals working in NHS and Non NHS settings are required to have regular clinical supervision as part of their ability to continue safe practice.

Mark Gray Associates can provide regular discreet and confidential Supervision Services for your care company or Health Care Trust externally with qualified practitioners.

We also offer similar external supervision services for social care professionals including Social Workers, Rehabilitation Officers and Deafblind Communicator Guides.

Access Audits Equality Act 2010 Compliance (applies to all business in the UK)

We can offer access audits on the following:

  1. Disability Audits In relation to the Equality Act 2010
    A comprehensive pan disability audit of your workplace or workplaces where there are communal access requirements (This will include an audit of training and staff awareness of disabilities and a review of the communication media used by your company to consult or promote services to your customers)
  2. Visual impairment environmental Access Audit
    This is a more limited audit specialising in services for Blind or visually impaired people.
  3. Deafblind environmental Access Audit
    This is is a more limited audit specialising in services for Deafblind people
  4. Physical disability environmental Access Audit
    This is a more limited audit Specialising in Physical access for wheelchair users or people with restricted mobility.

Access Design and Consultancy

Image: Lighting DesignWe can offer Access Consultancy and Design and Multi-Sensory Room Design

In 2007 Mark Gray Associates worked on the design of the New Orchard Hill College campus in Carshalton Surrey with the college architects to ensure the building met the needs of its Disabled Students.

Mark has also developed specialist Knowledge of Lighting for older people as a result of his partnership with the Thomas Pocklington Trust Lighting programmes and has advised several local authorities on lighting as part of their refurbishment of multiple occupancy care homes.

During the Nineties Mark designed the Multi-Sensory Rooms at the RNIB Springfield Day Service and at Newbury Day Centre as well as several other rooms around the UK. He has also written a book on Multi sensory rooms with Richard Hirstwood.

International Consultancy