Mark Gray Associates provide the following Assessments from £300 per day plus VAT

Visual Function Assessment

Image: Visual AssessmentThe Visual Assessment includes external and interior eye examination, observation of behaviour in regards mobility, fine motor control etc, near vision and distance vision assessments, Brain Function Assessment (reflexes tracking, light, colour, contrast, movement, stationery object recognition, peripheral field testing)

Report of function, support analysis, training and environmental recommendations.


Specialist Deafblind Section Seven Assessments

Looking at sensory functional capability, and capacity of the individual for involvement in care planning and decision making, communication support requirements, environmental adaptations, recommendations for further assessment if required.

On going, care plan design, and development in a full report.

Communication Assessments

Mark Gray Associates uses specially trained Speech and Language Therapists specialising in Communication support for people with Multiple Disabilities.

We use ACT, PCVS, ACA and functional assessments developed by our team.

Behaviour and Daily Living Skills Assessments

Using local and National Assessment methods approved by the British Psychological Society and College of Occupational Therapists (COT) Mark Gray Associates has contacts with a number of specialists Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists depending on the needs of the individual.

Individual Programme Planning

Mark Gray Associates have extensive experience of essential lifestyle planning, programme plans and life story work.

If you would like more information on this and need assistance with a project for your client contact us prices start from £50 an hour to £800 a day depending on the project.