Who is Mark Gray?

Who is Mark Gray?

Mark Gray is a consultant learning disability nurse, with thirty eight years’ experience in the Health, Social Care in the  statutory, private and voluntary sector for people with learning difficulties and or sensory impairments.

Mark has worked as a senior nurse manager within Health and then Social Care Services and was the National Multiple Disability Research, Training and Development Officer for RNIB from 1990 to 2005. In 2005 he joined Deafblind UK as Head of Regional services until the launch of his business in May 2007.

National Policy Influencer

Mark was most recently the Chair of the Board of POWhER  from 2015-2018 a national Advocacy Charity based in the UK.

He is a former Chairman of the British Institute for Learning Disabilities (BILD).

Former  CEO of The Association for Real Change (ARCUK).

Former Chair of the National Network for Learning Disability Nurses (NNLDN) a network of virtual and physical meeting groups and forums for nurses in the field of learning disability around the UK and ROI.

He was a member of Valuing People now Housing group, Association of Residential Care Providers, the Learning Disability Coalition, EBU committee for the multi-handicapped blind, and a founder member of CHANGE formally the committee for multi handicapped blind. A promotor of the “Third Way Party Model” as part of the Winterbourne enquiry Review

Trainer, Author, Consultant.

Image: Person-Centred-PracticesMark is extensively published and has worked all over the UK and Europe in the field of Multiple Disability and sensory loss.

He is an associate editor of the British journal of Visual Impairment and Learning Disability Practice, working both as regular reviewer and contributor to both Journals.

His contact network, built up in the last thirty eight years, incorporates many of the leading Health and Social Care experts in the UK, Europe, North America and Australia.

Mark designed the RNIB Certificate/Diploma Programmes in Multiple Disability Known as ‘Changing Lives’ and was one of the co-authors of the current Diploma in Deafblind Studies. and degree in Rehabilitation studies Visual Impairment at BCU. He was also involved in the design of the Thomas Pocklington Lighting Journey Programmes and is the sole agent for them in the UK.

Mark is a Visiting Lecturer for BCU on the Diploma and Degree in Rehabilitation Studies  and Lectures in Learning Disability Nursing for several Universities.

He was a Nursing Times Awards Judge from 2013 to 2017. A regular conference Keynote speaker and writer of several books and reference chapters in professional anthologies and research.

Inspiration & Legacy

Mark is now recognised as a pioneer in the field of sensory loss and profound & multiple learning disability.

He was involved in, or at the start of a number of services, that are now mainstream today.

  •  Seeability website resources, (through his work with Gill Levy at RNIB).
  • Simple Stuff works Postural Care Training (working with the CEO’s mother Liz Goldsmith), in his earlier work developing training materials for carers.
  • CHANGE, by persuading the old committee for the multi-handicapped blind to appoint a service user project.
  • He developed Zoning theory, and has worked on  conditioned responses to intensive interaction techniques, using IT and object referencing.
  • He pioneered, respiration based communication for individuals with PMLD.
  • Training materials for optometrists in learning disability on Sight testing.
  •  Developing and designing key modules for Further and Higher Education courses in Sensory impairment.
  • He was involved in modules and resource development for in the European Care certificate and NVQ standards for hearing and sight loss.
  • He has  co- authored books and pioneered the appropriate use of Multi Sensory Rooms with Richard Hirstwood, Louise Haggar, and Flo Longhorn.
  • An early promoter of Dr Helen Sanderson now of Person Centred Planning fame when she was an OT promoting Aromatherapy & Massage for people with learning difficulties.
  • Mark has served on several international committees of the European Blind Union
  • Most recently has been working with the British Council In Azerbaijan to develop health and social care services in that country.
  • Other work has included a major CTR review consultancy for Greater Manchester in 2017
  • Working with families to have care at home with direct payments and personal budgets
  • Developing the Lighting training for Thomas Pocklington Trust

In Dublin  in April 2018 Mark launched the Inspiration & legacy tour a series of free lectures to universities in Great Britain & Ireland to inspire the next generation of intellectual /Learning Disability Nurses.

Mark Gray Associates’ clients include:

When Mark is not working he is actively involved in Round Table 41 Club, travel and family history research and being haired by two shelties!

Health and Social Care Training and Consultancy

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